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Differently Abled


1. Exhibitors may not show in a regular class at the Van Buren Youth Fair to be eligible to show in the same class for the Differently Abled show. For example, a child may not show poultry in their regular age division and also show poultry in the Differently Abled show.

2. Exhibitors should be a minimum of five (5) years of age and a maximum of 26 years of age by January 1 of the current year to participate.

3. Exhibitors are restricted to entry of three projects – either still exhibit or animal. Still exhibits need not be limited to those listed in the Van Buren fair book as long as they are 4-H appropriate. Look at what the child’s special talents/interests are. For example, tracing, coloring, puzzles, shooting sports targets.

4. Animal exhibits are reserved to small market animals only – poultry, rabbits, goats, cavies, and lab animals. The exhibitor need not own the animal, but must be familiar with the animal by designating a 4-H Teen Leader in that project species that will assist them throughout the year to learn the project guidelines, assist with transport of the animal on the day of the show, and stay with exhibitor during show to assist if necessary. (Exhibitors wanting to show any other species should contact the Fair Superintendent of that species class to see if special accommodations will be

5. Caregiver should remain in the show area at all times to assist child if necessary.

Differently Abled Entry Form Click Here