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2018 Updates


Updates to the 2018 fair rules, will be posted here as they are completed and approved.

check back frequently for your species or project updates.


1099 Forms – Response from attorney Regarding 1099 forms and youth.

Yes, the 501(c)(3) will have to provide a Form 1099 to the youth.  Generally, a nonprofit has to issue a Form 1099 for any prizes or awards to an individual that are not for services performed or prizes or awards to an individual for services performed as a nonemployee made in the course of the nonprofit’s activity.  Because the 501(c)(3) is paying the proceeds of the auction to the youth as a result of the 501(c)(3)’s normal activity (holding the fair), those amounts are subject Form 1099 reporting.


Updates are rolling in, check the forms page or the smac page to get your updated forms and have fun!